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Poor Website Performance Drives Away Customers

Recent research shows the effect of poor website performance on user abandonment rates. Maybe performance testers should report into marketing!


will abandon a website after waiting 3 seconds for a page to load

80% of these people


Retailer Introduces Tax for Old Browsers

An Australian retailer has introduced a tax on its eCommerce site levied on customers who use Internet Explorer 7 (Kogan).

Although it was intended as tongue in cheek (and a great way to get traffic to their site), maybe the idea could be extended to offer a refund to customers based on how long they have to wait for the retailer's pages to load due to poor performance testing?

Can Testing Learn from Rugby?

According to Sir Clive Woodward* "Successful businesses, like successful sport teams, need to remain open to new ideas". Sir Clive was the England rugby coach who took the team to victory in the 2003 Rugby World Cup. He is now the British Olympic Association’s Director of Sport.

He went on to say "top players, like top businessmen and women, needed to be willing to be taught - to be sponges instead of rocks".

NeoLoad 4.0 Enterprise Load & Performance Testing for Web & Mobile Applications is Released

NeoLoad 4.0 delivers new collaboration capabilities and licensing options, new features for mobile and video applications testing plus improved on-demand cloud testing that provides a flexible “pay as you go” approach for performance testing mission-critical applications. This latest release makes enterprise load and performance testing more accessible to all businesses and organizations to address their evolving needs.

New Feature Highlights

New Collaboration Capabilities

NeoLoad 3.2 Released

NeoLoad 3.2 has just been released offering better support for Web technologies and enabling cloud-based load generation.

NeoLoad V3.2 now supports:

  • Silverlight
  • Siebel
  • VMware monitoring
  • SOAP web services

NeoLoad continues to be one of the most productive and cost-effective load test tools on the market and is used where web performance is critical in areas such as retail, online gaming and independent software providers.